Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tokyo: 29th June 2015

This was an absolutely rare opportunity that I have decided to visit Japan 2nd time this year. Just after I came back from my Hokkaido wildlife photography trip in Feb 2015, I participated in a competition organised by Hoshino Resorts Group, which recruits 100 participants to visit a specific area in Japan and stay in their assigned accomodation. This is in view of their 100th year anniversary. Our task is to write a trip report which includes our travel experiences, the people we have come across and interesting aspects of the trip. I must say I was over the moon when I saw that I was selected for this.. which explains my 2nd visit to Japan in 2015!

So I travelled alone to reach Tokyo and I was very glad to enjoy the air-con-alike temperature, away from the hot Singapore at this time of the year. My flight was not a pleasant one due to a crying toddler sitting right beside me, so I did not rest at all throughout the flight!

Still, after picking up my luggage, I felt a sense of excitement as I went to find Telecom Square, who kindly provided me the Wifi Router for my entire trip, in view of my Hoshino participation.

 Service was quick and after collection, I made my way to the midori-no-madoguchi (JR East Office) located at B1 of the Narita Airport Terminal 1 building. I collected my JR East Pass, which was also a courtesy from HOshino Groups, for this trip. This pass was amazing as it allowed me to take trains on any 5 days of my trip within a 2 weeks period and I could reserve seats on all applicable trains.
I went ahead to board the Narita Express, which safely brought me to my first stop, Tokyo station. I spent a night at Tokyo before taking the train to Shizuoka city the following morning. To my relief, the hotel which I lodged in, Maranouchi Hotel, provided me a free upgrade for the room I am staying. I was over-the-moon!!

As it was still early before check-in time, I left my luggage at the hotel and went to the Tokyo Character Street. This was an iconic street as it comprised all the famous cartoon characters merchandise all in one area for you to shop and go gaga over these icons. I was very happy to see my Crayon-shinchan at one of these shops.

Purchased this couple where I DIY-ed their outfit and hairdo and faces from the Lego shop.

The Shin-chan merchandise

And my first lunch in Japan, the Omu-Egg Rice. Simply yummy!

Yes I am in Tokyo!

I was a little shag so I went back to hotel to do check-in and rested until it was sunset time. The weather was really good with breeze wind. I decided to do some snapshots of the ongoing traffic and the unique Tokyo station landmark during the blue hour.


It was time to unwind and relax after a day's work.


Some night shots of the ongoing traffic and people walking








After shooting till 8pm, I went to Tokyo station at Gransta mall and had my bowl of soba to relieve my flu. The yummy fish that came along with it was really oishii.

  I was glad it had been a great day and looking forward to my adventures to Shizuoka the next day!

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