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Animal Fun : 7th July 2015

We woke up bright and early at 5am to meet Koga-san for our wildlife trip! It was a last-minute decision and we were glad there was no rain that morning haha..

We took a car ride to Fujigane district in Fujikawaguchiko town..where the western edge of Aokigahara sea of trees are seen.. We hoped to catch sight of any wildlife like deer, squirrel or fox...However, wildlife is unpredictable! We could only pray for the best haha

A precautionary sign at where we left our car haha..sounds thrilling!

Although there was so much greenery, wildlife was really tough to spot!! We saw glimpses of deer who ran very quickly away after they spotted us.. No squirrel..sad! But, the walk was considered one of the best scenic walks which we had experienced..

Running frantically away upon spotting us :(

After walking near to 2h, we gave up and explored the Asagiri Highlands..there we encountered the morning mist..visibility was really minimal and you could feel yourself walking into the unknown territory. 

We met a few cows as Asagiri Highlands is known for its dairy farming. There are many dairy farms in that area. If weather is good, you can also see Mount Fuji at a very close distance! We saw a mere glimpse of Fujisan which appeared to hide beneath huge thick clouds. This beckons a next visit in winter time with clear sky and snow-capped Mount Fuji! Lake Motosuko can also be observed from a vantage point around this place.

Fujisan wearing a hat

It was a tiring but fulfilling morning. After saying farewell to Koga-san, we hurried back to Ubuya for our sumptious Western-style breakfast. The feast was amazing and we really enjoyed our cuisine haha.. This really brought our tiredness away. 

Fujisan from the restaurant's view

Yummy breakfast!

After resting a while, we left for our adventure again.

Our next stop was Fuji Milkland. It is located west of Mount Fuji and is known for its dairy produce is also a place to visit interesting farm animals like the following...

Curiosity in their Eyes

Aint they cute? I guessed this was my first time seeing a donkey..haha really Eeyor-look-alike.. The little goats were very curious to see us and keep trying to get our attention..while the older ones were too busy munching on their hay haha..there were also 2 horses but they were kept in the stable.. We did not spend a long time there.. Visiting these animals were also free.. So you can drop by to say Hi to them!

As we head further to the west, we reached Shiraito Falls, the majestic waterfalls!! It would be lucky to see a rainbow at the falls but as that day was too cloudy, we saw none.. Before reaching Shiraito falls, we had to trek a little and saw Otodome falls.. It was quite spectacular too! And finally..Shiraito falls greeted was like a heavenly place and we hurried to absorb some negative ions haha!

Otodome Falls

Shiraito Falls

We were quite shagged as the day proceeded due to an early morning.. We took a leisure drive all the way to Fuji Safari Park to visit the bears and aome other animals. Fuji Safari Park is a famous attraction in the Fuji region. You can drive your car in and see these animals in a safari-setting but you cannot open your car windows for safety reasons. It was the first time we saw the big bears! They looked pretty scary actually haha..not as cute as I thought.. 

Big Black Bears

Baby Zebra

We also saw lions, tiger, camels, alpacas, deers, elephants and giraffes..

After the safari visit, we parked our car and went on to explore the different areas of the park. We entered this dog enclosure and were swarmed with many cute dogs. You are free to pet them, play with them or let them rest by your arms which they love to do so! 

Looks like Bobdog!

They enjoyed accompanying him!

After this dog visit, we had our lunch at their restuarant. It was quite yummy with the omelette rice to satiate our hunger. And off we left.. To a large large Sports store named as SportsDepo. Boy! I must tell you this place really sell any single thing related to sports at real cheap prices! Especially at less populated/rural places, prices are significantly lower!
On our way...this is at the Toll Gate..Everything is Automated with clear instructions!

Very Happy with our loot!

So..after 2h of shopping haha..we headed back to Ubuya for our Shabu Shabu dinner :) we were really looking forward as it had been a cold and rainy day again..

Shabu Shabu!

Feeling totally satisfied at this feast, we toasted at the end of a wonderful day. This night was the last night we spent at Ubuya.. Still we could not see beautiful and clear view of Fujisan.. Until the next day :D


1. Fujigane district in Fujikawaguchiko town
2. Asagiri Highlands
3. Fuji Milkland
4. Shiraito Falls
5. Fuji Safari Park
6. SportsDepo

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