Monday, August 17, 2015

Atami/Risonare Atami: 30th June 2015

After saying goodbye to Hiro, I took the local train to reach Atami. It was a long journey and I did not manage to get any seats, while holding on to my heavy luggage! I was also afraid to interfere with the steps of other commuters.

Then suddenly, I received a pat on my back! I was surprised to see the Thai tourist, whom we saw earlier at Nihondaira Ocha Kaikan! I seeked his help to take a photo of me with Hiro. And now I see him again on this train ride. We are heading to Atami too! What fate this is!! So with his company, we chatted about our travel adventures in Japan. He was a passionate traveller to Japan, coming almost every other month. I envy him as I saw his pictures taken everywhere like Matsumoto Castle.. haha.. indeed makes me feel very jealous about his travel life hah!
A photo taken together as we reached Atami station :)

I made my way to the exit thereafter and hoping to find the shuttle bus that will bring me to Risonare Atami. The bus left punctually at 3pm and started winding up the hill. Wow, I was very thrilled to know that Risonare Atami is in fact located at the highest among other accomodations in that region. This means one will enjoy very nice scenery from the hotel. I was happy to be received by the staff at the lobby. This is one of the resorts under the Hoshino Group in the Atami Region, which I was very priviledged to have a 2 nights stay. The staff who brought me around is a Chinese-origin so language was not an issue.

I was totally surprised at the size of the room!! Considering the fact that I also like the color Blue :)
After getting the whereabouts of this hotel and confirming the dinner time, I settled down and quickly made my way to the onsen! I was so in need of onsen therapy, hoping to get rid of my flu and it really did so! The view from the onsen was amazing and breathtaking that one can simply relax in the hot spring.

An onsen that looks like an infinity pool!

Clad in the traditional yukata, I wondered around the hotel to explore the various facades of this wonderful place. I saw the treehouse which was actually a venue for people to have tea/coffee in the afternoon as such serene environment.

Dinner time was round the corner so I went to the designated restaurant. That night was a buffet dinner and the choices were just too many to mention. Below are a few!

It appears that most people come here in families and huge tour groups. And they are mainly Japanese. I did not see many foreigners coming. I believe this place must be a great escapade for the locals as they have many facilities for the kids and the adults. Sitting next to my table is a Chinese lady. Since I saw that she is alone, I was wondering if she was also part of this Project HOshino and I initiated a chat with her and yesh, Bingo! She is also coming for this Project and I was really happy to know her and we decided to travel together on the next day =D

We had a great chat and decided to rest early,hoping that the weather will be kind to us as once again, weather forecast predicted that it will be a whole day of rain :( Nonetheless, friendships made overseas are usually the ones that complete a trip and we are definitely looking forward to discover more adventures together~~

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