Monday, August 17, 2015

Atami/Shinjuku/Kofu: 3rd July 2015

I woke up rather early today as this was the day I finally get to meet Dear! But, I have to make my way to Shinjuku, where he was staying. So I arranged to have my breakfast at an earlier timing in order to catch my train... And of course, the dinner was equally amazing as the dinner with elaborate dishes and yummy food!

With a very satisfied stomach, I thanked the staff(forgot to get his name) and I explored the rest of the ryokan while waiting for my cab to come to bring me to Atami station on that rainy day. Kai Atami is really great if you wanna find somewhere quiet and in peace with the greenery. Hearing the rain is also another type of relaxation in my opinion. There is also a small library with interesting books on Japanese culture where you can sit on the comfortable sofa, enjoy a cuppa while reading your book.

And then, as the cab came by, I felt a tinge of sadness as I left this wonderful ryokan. Thank you Hoshino for giving me this opportunity to experience two different yet both excellent accomodations at Atami :) 

While waiting for my train to Tokyo station, then making a transfer to Shinjuku station. It's quite a long way and challenging with my already-so-heavy luggage!

And there we were! Met Up finally at the busy Shinjuku station. I was glad we didnt lost our way haha..After purchasing our tickets to Kofu station, we explored around and I wanted to try the macarons at Laduree Shinjuku :) It took about an hour from Shinjuku station to Kofu we were busy finding food to takeaway as our lunch on the train ride.

Macarons Galore!!

Our hotel at Kofu is a business hotel called Hotel Sunpark Naito

This is a reasonably-priced hotel but it is quite narrow. It is closest to the Kofu station and very near to the Toyota Car Rental Centre. We would be collecting the car the following day! Excited!!
Upon check-in, what did we do? We initially wanted to make our way to Matsumoto to see the became our focus after seeing so many sales ongoing at the nearby shopping centres at Kofu station. So haha..we decided to rest and relax and spend our time shopping instead..

We had dinner at the nearby Mos Burger outlet! I kinda missed eating Western food after so many days of Japanese Cuisine haha..after dinner, we checked out the supermarket to find fruits. It is a must when you visit Japan as the fruits which we usually see selling in Isetan (imported from Japan) are always priced at very high cost! Totally dont understand.. over here in Japan, you can get them at reasonable and cheap price for their Melon, small watermelons, peaches, apples and grapes! Not forgetting the Kyoho grapes. We would be visiting a peach farm the following day so stay tuned for more adventures ahead!

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