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Atami/Risonare Atami: 1st July 2015

There was no sunrise as I woke up at 430am to check. I was in fact greeted by huge fog and clouds. Can imagine the weather on that day is really bad! So I went back to sleep hoping for better weather but still...
Cant even see a thing!

I went back to the buffet restaurant for breakfast. The treat was amazing and I had well..too full a stomach after breakfast in fact haha..

 The Breakfast Spread

Managed to see Becky again at the shuttle bus for our trip down to Atami station for our bus ride in Yuyu-bus. Yuyu-bus is basically running a route that bypasses all major attractions in the Atami Region. We purchased a one day pass ticket that allowed unlimited boarding in the day.

 On board Yu-yu bus
As weather was bad, we could not visit the outdoor attractions like the Herb and Flower Garden. So we made our way to Atami Castle, which also had a Atami 3D Trickeye Museum to our delight!

It was my first time visiting a trick-art museum so I was pretty excited about it. Before going there, we explored the displays in Atami Castle and we also played the toy which is getting popular in Singapore.

 The Challenging Game

After some phototaking...we proceeded to the trick-art museum. There were very friendly staff who guided us on angles to view each picture. Although we had some language difficulty, it was still great fun and the staff were also very kind to help both us take pictures.

So our adventure began :)...

I guessed we spent near to one hour doing wacky shots and expression with the trick-art images. It was very fun and loony to see what turned out in our cameras.. when we left the museum, the rain unfortunately continued as strong as ever. Everywhere was cloudy!! =(

I proposed to visit MOA(MOA美術館), the next well-known attraction in Atami, with the Yu-yu bus. By the time we reached there, it was already near 1pm. We were initially thinking to catch the NOH performance but realised it was only held on specific dates. So we just took some pictures to signify that we have visited this place haha. Actually MOA has a beautiful garden that is recommended to visit, but looking at the weather..we thought it will be wiser to find some food and warm ourselves up!

 Within MOA

So we took the bus back to Atami station and explored the nearby Nakamise street for our lunch.

Having the sweet!

The entrance of Nakamise Street

We chanced upon this small sushi shop and decided to give it a try. The food that arrived greatly pleased us with their huge serving size and size of sushi. Simply oishii! Looking at the rain outside while enjoying the splendid sushi was a great way to just relax during this trip..

By the time we finished our lunch, we thought of taking the bus to the Herb Garden but it was already too late. And we did not want to miss our last shuttle bus back to Risonare Atami. One disadvantage of taking shuttle buses is that you need to follow strictly to the timing and the bus timings do not occur every hour, only for specific period. So our itinerary was planned according to these timings. As we started to make our way back on the bus, rainbow started appearing!

 The first Rainbow!
 It was a magical moment!
 I rushed back to my room and assembled my photo gear but the rainbow that was initially seen on the left side of my room view disappeared. However, yet another magical moment appeared with another rainbow being seen at the right side now! Amazing! I took a few shots and it slowly disappeared.

As I was about to return back to my room, the 3rd rainbow appeared in the middle this time! My first time to see three rainbows consecutively in a day hahaha.. 

This kind of enlightened me since three rainbows were seen after a whole day's rain.. that things are not as bad and will brighten up with new hopes even if you have a gloomy day! Something to remind me whenever I meet with obstacles =D. I went straight ahead after for an onsen before joining Becky at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel for our dinner.

The dinner was simply sumptuous and I was so glad that we could enjoy the sunset view while eating.

This time, perhaps due to the heavy rain and looming clouds, the sunset was totally breathtaking!! Beyond words that I was busy snapping away while waiting to be served haha. Was very happy to see this on my last night at Risonare Atami as I wasnt sure if the view will be similar at Kai Atami. Also happy that although at the start of the day was all rainy and gloomy, we could still catch spectacular sunset at the end of the day!

Great food, Great View, Great Company.. This was a wonderful evening that I had and thanks lots to Becky and Hoshino Resort for making this possible ;D. I am looking forward to more adventures the next day!

An interesting Kiwi-beer to celebrate at the end of the day while relaxing at the lobby area!

4.  Yuyu-bus

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