Monday, August 17, 2015

Kawaguchiko: 6th July 2015

It was the day both of us looked forward to! We would be making our way to our posh ryokan Kozantei Ubuya! I chanced upon this place while finding accomodation around Lake Kawaguchiko. Although the price is quite steep, but the services and room quality with the private onsen are highly praised by all visitors. I almost could not find any negative opinion about this ryokan haha..since it is still early before check-in, we decided to go to Manriki Park.

I got to know about Manriki Park while searching for interesting animals in Yamanashi prefecture. And the roly-poly raccoon came as one of the hits! So I placed this on my must-visit list haha.. And yes, I finally saw the raccoon and his younger bro! 

The roly-poly raccoon! Look at his size!

His younger bro who was shy and hiding

They were simply too cute beyond words that I kept photographing them haha.. And we chatted a little with the staff in the park to understand how come the raccoon become so plump he is having great food all the time!

We bade farewell to the raccoons and alao saw a lonely capybara at the park.

This animal enclosure is actually people to Manriki Park can come by to visit these animals too! 
Saying Goodbye!

We then drove towards the direction to Kawaguchiko. It was raining all the way and we decided to make our way to Music Forest Museum around the lake. This place was like a fairytale, with beautiful decorated European style gardens and elaborated buildings that house the antiques and ancient music instruments. We attended a couple of performances. Although they were all explained in Japanese, we enjoyed the visual and music and thought they were very well orchestrated.

This teddy bear was placed at the middle of this musical hall, awaiting for folks like us to take wefie

Whole day rain rain rain!

We were totally famished after this visit and dropped by a nearby restaurant for some chashudon and ramen. And it was at this place our minds were totally blown off by the tenderness of the chashu!! Look at that serving size!! Dear was totally satisfied hahaa
Interesting Lamp

That awesome bowl of chashudon

After dinner, we drove to Lake Yamanako to check out the largest lake among the five lakes in the Mount Fuji area. As it was still raining, walking along the lake was quite chilly but beautiful swans and colorful fish came by to welcome us!

Colorful fish that look like that exhibit fluorescence :)

So after Lake Yamanako, we drove to Kozantei Ubuya for a well-deserved rest!! The warm welcome and tea greeted us and the staff were really nice. Although they speak little English, we could still manage and they brought us to our room and we were flabbergasted!! Sooo beautiful! We were very sure we would have a wonderful time there :)

So we rested, had some onsen, before making our way to the restaurant for our first Japanese kaiseki dinner!! Weather was bad so we could not see Mount Fuji that day. Nonetheless, the cuisine was so good and we were so full at the end of dinner!
Small appetizers

Sashimi served in this icebowl style is my first time!

 Teppanyaki style

Yummy dessert

Too full to even walk! Hahaha.. We could not see any stars but were happy to relax in this haven! Going to rest early for a exciting adventure tomorrow morning 5am!!

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