Sunday, June 15, 2014

Osaka Universal Studios - 29th November 2013

This the title suggests..a stay at Universal Studios Osaka. Honestly, I still feel Disneyland is much fun :) with all my favourite characters and very good shopping. USS has its own features but if without the fireworks, I think I will not spend the whole day at USS haha..

First encounter is with Shrek and company. They are very friendly and kids rushed to take pics with them. We can also see them in Singapore USS so I didnt really have the huge urge to take pics with them hahaha

And there..we reached Central Park to see Elmo and gang!! Something that you do not see in SG USS I think..

ZS with Cookie Monster

Elmo is too popular. The big kid in me has to run to take pics with this famous red guy who gives me a huge hug!

And superman comes to catch us in action!

Not forgettin the ever famous Hello Kitty. There is a special dancing stage just for Hello Kitty and little fans gather way before the dances began! Talking about shrieked out aloud as Kitty comes out in different costumes.

Snoopy and friends is another highlight of Osaka USS. Of cuz, we dont miss taking pics with them!
I love fluffy Snoopy dog! 
Used to read comics about Snoopy when I was young haha

Look at the Snoopy merchandise!!

Snoopy Azuki Pancake
We waited till dusk and all this time, there were performances at different parts of the USS. Still, I prefer Disneyland haha..

And finally..the highlight of the night..the magical parade!

There are many other light display characters but these are not familar to us. At least for Disney parade, we know every single hmm..I enjoyed myself more at Disneyland than USS..but a nice visit to meet Snoopy and Elmo!

The magical Xmas tree.. xmas is coming..everywhere in Japan is in fact preparing for Xmas in terms of gifts, chocolates, toys etc..everywhere a festive mood but too bad this is already our 2md last day in Osaka :( Last day tomorrow!

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