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Kyoto - 22nd November 2013

We reached Kyoto pretty late at around evening time..and took such a qalk to our Sakura Ryokan. It's about 10min walk from internet but I feel it takes longer. It's very near to Nishi takes some time to walk from the Kyoto station to the ryokan. It's located within the residential area. So with our heavy backpacks , we struggled our way to the ryokan... literally hahAHa

We decided to go visit Kiyomizudera light illumination during the night. We took a train ride to Gion station and walked to Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka,  which are both very charming streets at night, lined with various cuisine rstaurants, soft icecream, Kyoto yu-tofu, ramen etc..

Below is one interesting shop..Mini Ghibli shop!

The various Ghibli museum characters

Totoro at busstop!

Before I forgot, Gion is a street where maikos and geishas are frequently seen in evening time, rushing to their venues..we didnt have the fortune to see any...better luck next time!

Icecream again!!

En route to Kiyomizu dera.. we saw this poster..and to our shock..we saw the long long queue..everyone wanna see autumn foliage at night! The crowd was amazingly enormous..hahaha

Finally after 45min, we got entry in. It was thw first time we experienced the huge fanatic crowd during autmn foliage viewing. More to come in the upcoming days...this was in fact the most minor..the worst crowd was at Tofukiji hahaha.. 

But everyone was still in order..and crowd pushing..and crowd control was still good. So we managed to get very nice view of the maple leaves, the foliage at night including he magnificent temple..we were glad we were there despite the tired feet hahaa..

Look at the crowd!!

From afar...

This pic was taken from the Kyoto station en route back home...

From near..haha.. we had some ramen along the way for dinner and dropped by the convenience store for some more snacks ...cant wait to share more autumn foliage at other top spots for viewing in Kyoto tomorrow. and tomorrow, we are going for a cycling tour with Kyoto Cycling Tour project (KCTP)! 

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