Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kinosaki Onsen - 22nd November 2013

A wonderful sleep at Kojinmari and we received a morning call that our breakfast (crab based) is ready!

The happy us got ourselves ready in yukata and went to the dining area to have our meal..the elaborate dishes was really the first time I experienced in a Japanese ryokan!I have no time to take pics of all the food but I can tell you is really worth the money..what we paid include the breakfast, dinner, and a one night stay at their most prestigious RIN room. I highly recommend visitors to stay the RIN room if you can :)

We shopped around the souvenir shops of Kinosaki and purchased some sigmature food, magnets, shinchan keychains that have a symbol of Kinosaki haha..really didnt expect to see that many here..

Softo icecream..anyone? 

We had plenty here and they are have unique flavors.Cake shops, cafes..easily found along streets of Kinosaki We were scheduled to take the train to Kyoto at 1pm. 

After getting what we need and want haha..we carried our backpacks to the station and said farewell to this wonderful onsen town that provided us delicious crabs, great onsen experience thats totally unforgettable :) Enroute to Kyoto..another highlight of our trip!!

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