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Osaka - 30th November 2013

Finally, or sadly I should say, this is our last day in Osaka. Our flight is at night, so we had almost the whole day to shop, eat...

And we set off to Minoo Park. A train ride away from Osaka. Near to the northern part. Away from the city. It is famous for its waterfall and maple leaves. And boy, the crowd was horrendous! Everyone was going to the park perhaps and along the way, there are crackers in form of maple leaves. Apparently, they fried the maple leaves and is a very yummy tidbit!

The lovely leaves adorning the sky

Waterfall spotted at Minoo Park. I was trying out the ND8 I purchased from Yodobashi earlier on. And it works great in such images :)

The minoo waterfall...I dont feel it very magnificient though haha

Along the route to the waterfall, it has many temples and red bridges and maple leaves. The weather was excellent for a pleasant walk, hence explaining the crowd. This is our last day at Osaka. We wanna get more time spending with this beautiful scenery!

After visiting Minoo park, we moved off to the Instant Ramen Museum at Ikeda. In Singapore, we only had the luxury to taste some version of the Nissin Cup noodles, but actually there are many many varieties. In different parts of Japan, there is also different version of cup noodles with different soup base.
Look at the huge displays on the wall!

This is how cup noodles are made in the past.

If you fancy some time making your own cup noodles, you may do so but this requires reservation and a fee. Most people come with their kids for the fun of making noodles :)

We didnt taste any noodles. And Dear...suddenly has the urge to eat Kobe beef again before leaving Japan. So you can imagine the crazy us took a train to Kobe and visit Moriya again for the beef!! hahaha..and we didnt regret it.

All for the sake of this that melts in your mouth!

Before leaving Japan, we also had this collection of our favourite Ted collectibles!
We collected a whole series of these Ted figurines!

unfortunately, we didnt catch any of these from the UFO catchers! :(

This has been the most fruitful and relaxing trip to Japan, with great onsen experience at Kinosaki Onsen, great time spent eating beef at Kobe, great maple viewing at Nara and Kyoto, great food from everywhere, great and wonderful shopping at Osaka and most importantly, great hospitality from the Japanese everywhere that we visited. Till then, we will visit Japan in the near future again..hoping for a trip to Hokkaido next time.. I guess it will also be pretty pleasant to visit Kyoto during cherry blossoms period. Will be looking forward to that. Thank you everyone for reading my blog :)

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