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Osaka to Kinosaki - 22nd November 2013

Waking up early at 7 am for our shinkansen ride to Kinosaki Onsen!

It was the peak hour for the working folks and tourists like us just like to stand around and take pics of the hectic hour!and maybe these folks were thinking we were kichigaii (mad in Japanese) hahaha

So the 2Hr ride began up north of the Kansai region.. I was looking forward to Kinosaki as it is the Crab season! Yummy crabs here we come and the amazing onsen spots within Kinosaki is yet another highlight!

As quoted from japanguide: Kinosaki (城崎) is located in northern Hyogo Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. This pleasant town, built along a willow lined river, is one of the top onsen destinations of the Kansai Region.

We stayed at Kinosaki Onsen Kojinmari Ryokan. It took some time to find this lovely ryokan and we were so glad to see it located near to convenience store hahaha...
We met with this lady who was present at the ryokan, whose English was perfect! She introduced us to places to have lunch, top onsen spots and places to visit within Kinosaki since our room was still not ready.

We walked around the town, spotted everyone at Kinosaki wearing their yukata and approaching different onsen spots or just walking around browsing the fresh crab and seafood produce. We took the Kinosaki cable car up to have a bird eye view of the small Kinosaki town, which is blessed with natural hotspring water and nice mountains.

Up the mountain, it was drizzling so we took shelter at the cafe having some local dessert shown below. Totally yummy while admiring the scenery as shown in the above picture.

Red maple leaves at Kinosaki!
Us wearing our yukatas and getting ready for some onsen!
Outside our ryokan Kojinmari

But before that, we had our lunch first at one recommended restaurant by the lady at the ryokan.

Look at the big slice of fish on top of the rice..perfect to have all these in a rainy day haha..After lunch, we walked around and saw the crabs in season..we cant wait for our kaiseki dinner which was crab theme!

I could not imagine seeing Shinchan here as a ambassador for firefighting in Kinosaki hahaaa hard to link indeed.

This is one of the top kinosaki onsens venue to visit. It is a must! This is Goshono-yu. 

We visited the following morning as it wasnt open on the day we went. So after that, we went to two onsens before dinner.. one of the onsens.. I actually saw 2rainbows and it was an amazing sight as the onsen was outdoor. It was nearing sunset after rain and I could not forget that moment :) That was at Satono-yu. The second onsen we visited was Ichino-yu.
So if you only have time to visit three onsens, these are the three which you should go as they are very spacious,as heard from the boss of ryokan.

More info on the onsens 

The lovely sunset before going back to the hotel for dinner!

Crab kaiseki dinner course was waiting for us after our onsen experience..and there was also beef, chicken and other seafood..yum was nice they have a sheet that explains each dish in terms of ingredients in English.

That is Tajima beef!

Look at the appetizer!
Us with the lady boss at the ryokan who brought us all the dishes into the room...with all the shitsureishimasu..summimasen etc..polite and patient..each time with every bow that we feel really embarrased at times haha

Crab from Kinosaki

Wow oysters

Seafood bbq
Crab soft and chewy..heaven! It was also very sweet..

The TV programme which showed the famous Jap group Smap haha..singing songs..while we enjoyed our sumptuous kaiseki dinner..a bliss to have..and we took a rest before having onsen in our private hotspring area..that is a special feature of the RIN room :) oyasumi nasai!

Some photo shots of the RIN room! Simple luxury :)

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