Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nara - 28th November 2013

From Osaka, we made our way to Namba for Kintetsu train to Kintetsunara station. Upon reaching, we followed the directions to Todaiji and the famous deers of Nara appeared! They are pretty aggressive!!

Senbei crackers can be purchased to feed the deers. But once they see you have the food, they surround u just like the picture above. 

A couple?

In Nara, you can see beautiful scenery like this everywhere at the park. Very pristine and untouched!

Curious Deer looking at my glad he didnt charge at me!

Garden nearing the entry of Todaiji temple.
After Todaiji,  we walked further up to Kasuga taisha. It is a historical shrine and the helpers there were dressed in elaborate uniforms. The calm and peaceful feeling with beautiful maple leaves adorning the route to Kasuga Taisha was well worth the visit and the walk.

 About 15 mins walk from Todaiji Temple. Very scenic walk through the forest.

And after Kasuga Taisha visit, we walked back to Kintetsunara station and along the way we saw wedding shots taken at such a lovely outdoor scene with the maple leaves! 
I bet their shots turn out very nice with the backdrop.

We also saw many artists sitting by to paint their artwork of the temple with the bridges and maple leaves. They are very serious and focused. And they come in big groups.

A lovely visit to Nara and we went back to Osaka for some sumptious ramen at this Gold Dragon Ramen. It is famous with tourists and true enough the soup base is to our liking.
 Just that you need to wait pretty long and the seats are very cramped. Having to eat hot ramen in cold weather during the night is a ohh la la :)

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