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Day 6: 28th Dec 2010 (Tsukiji/Ginza/Akihabara)

This magical day started with us making our way to Tsukiji Market, which sells the freshest sashimi and sushi in Tokyo. As it was nearing New Year, the tuna auction tour session was closed during this period. Tourists can choose to take this special tour session to see how tuna auctions are performed in the wee hours of the morning, like at 430am. We initially wanted to catch that, but since it’s not available…we can sleep more before having a sushi feast!


Fresh fish on sales..too bad no auctions available to watch the big show..


Long queue for sashimi breakfast!


The market was filled with people, those who wanna buy freshest seafood to start their day of business and people who wanna taste the delicacies from the sea, queueing up for a seat in one of the top-rated sushi shops like Edogin and Daiwa Sushi. The queue was quite horrendous. We decided to give a chance to other shops in which the queue wasn’t too long. And this turned out to be a great meal too!


Sushi Maniac!


Fresh oysters




By looking at these sashimi and sushi, I know you, as the reader, are drooling!

So do I as I typed this blog haha…the sashimi was really fresh, nothing beats that!

After a sumptuous meal, we took a walk around the inner market and the outer market of Tsukiji. There were so many fishing-related goods being sold and various delicacies. People were plenty too early in the morning.


The important tool in sashimi business!

We took a short walk to Ginza to digest the food..and came by the Wako Building, the famous branded shops like Coach, Armani, Hermes etc…



Interesting story read along the walk...


beautiful flower greeted us in the morning..


Japan FLAG


Ginza Buildings




Branded Goods District..all the famous boutiques..

and we stopped upon the Sony Building. It was like a showroom, showing plenty of the latest gadgets.

I had a try at their 3D TV…interesting experience in fact looking at those subjects, seeming to come out of the TV screens…that’s where technology in the future lies in..the NEX5 camera is actually quite good I think..for someone who wanna try slr but loathe carry a heavy black box around while taking pics!

After Ginza, we went to Tokyo station to reserve seats on the NEX train, which we will be taking on the last day to reach Narita Airport. Seats on the NEX train has to be reserved.

Then, we went to Akihabara, the place where all the IT shops are grouped at. True enough, we know it is Akiba when the anime looking posters appeared at the station and buildings are filled with maid café advertisements and we saw models walking around giving pamphlets on their maid cafes.



Kawaii Little Promo Cars..walking adverts!



Manga..and more...


There were plenty of shops selling manga, anime shows, little gifts, keychains etc..I still don’t see crayon shinchan unfortunately here..


We went to the Tokyo Anime Centre to have a feel of what anime means in Japan. The centre was rather small to our dismay. It has posters and statues of Doraemon, Astroboy etc..and a gift shop selling their merchandise…We were expecting more in fact..







After walking for rounds, we had coffee at Excelsior Coffee..i felt the coffee was much better than in Starbucks!I only drank this once during this trip. Hope to have it again in the next trip!

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