Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 3: 25th Dec 2010 Part II Tokyo (Asakusa/Roppongi)

And so, we embarked on Nagano Shinkansen, heading towards Ueno...We then took the Ginza Line to Asakusa, where Blue Wave Inn Asakusa was located. The train ride was smooth and comfy. I felt that Tokyo consists of 2 worlds: the above ground,and the underground train world. It’s really another planet beneath ground level. The extensive train lines, metro, JR, shinkansen, local, tobu lines, chuo line, dozen of lines to connect from one place to another. Regardless of wherever you wanna go, with patience and proper planning, you will sure make your way with the extensive train lines available! Upon reaching Asakusa station, it takes only 5 mins to walk to the inn and was easily found as it’s located along the road. Along the way, we saw the famous Sensoji Temple!so many pple...




Wash hands 1st


breathe in some incense air..


Underneath the big red lantern

After taking a rest, we set off walking through Nakamise Shopping Street to absorb the Sensoji Temple Atmosphere. True enough, tourists filled the street more than the locals.




ANpan Man.:)

This temple is also very beautiful. As it’s nearing New Year, the whole street boasts of a rich festive atmosphere.


Usagi/Rabbit Year comes!


The making of my favourite food in Asakusa! Red bean filled little bun..人形焼。。

We grabbed a few street bites and left for Roppongi.As the lightings at Roppongi end on 25th Dec, we hoped to catch a glimpse of the lightings.

Upon reaching Roppongi station, we were practically “pushed” by people to Tokyo Midtown, where the lightings was the most spectacular!


Tokyo Midtown Lighting


There was simply no space to breathe when we were there.It was like rush-hour in the morning! I quickly snapped off and we went off to Mori Tower Observatory at Roppongi Hills.


Roppongi here we are!

Long queue for the observatory that we waited for 40mins or so…but the night view was spectacular..1st time seeing the night view of Tokyo makes me excited of the upcoming adventures in the next few days to come!




Xmas Tree at Roppongi Mori Tower

We left Roppongi and headed back to Asakusa. Train map understanding is a important skill to understand when exploring Japan. From shinkansen to local trains, tobu lines to toei’s like a puzzle and we need to be calm to see how to link quickly or so..very challenging in fact but it’s also the thrill of travelling~till then..

Harajuku/Ghibli/Shibuya the next day!

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