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Day 3: 25th Dec 2010 Part I Nagano City

It’s the day to leave Yudanaka, Snow greeted us early morning on Christmas Day..truly a White Christmas for 2010 J We packed up and met Yumoto-san at the entrance..Yumoto-san and his wife came out and gave us souvenirs, something that you hang on the bag to bring safety through the trip. Am very touched by their hospitality.


Our warm ryokan room


Pic before saying farewell!


Train en route to Nagano City

Yumoto-san asked where we were going next, I told him Nagano City, immediately, he brought me an informative map to assist us in our navigation at Nagano city. Then, he sent us to the station to catch our train back to Nagano City.

A very beautiful experience at the snowy Yudanaka for us..we hope to go there again!

After leaving Yudanaka, we reached Nagano city. I really like the idea that there are coin lockers available at each station which anyone can use. It’s big enough to store your luggages and is safe enough. I was initially doubtful and asked Yumoto-san if this is safe. He laughed and said..”Of course, Japanese don’t steal things!”..And so, it’s really true. The service is convenient as we do not need to lug our heavy bags as we walked around Nagano city.


To Zenkoji Temple

After locking our bags, we headed for the bus-stop to take Bus from Platform 1 at Nagano station to Zenkoji temple. This is a famous temple with in-depth history with Buddhism in mind. The temple started off with a long street of famous food like omanju, crepes, the ever famous soba..we tried them all and they were surreal!


At Zenkoji Temple


Zenkoji temple carries a supreme feel as we approach nearer to the main hall. It has a few interesting sites like Binzuru, the guardian god located at the entrance of the temple. One is said to cure one’s pain if you touch the statue of Binzuru at the same part which your body hurts. There is also a path of pitch dark..that’s known as the path of enlightenment. If you manage to “feel” a key in the midst of darkness, it guarantees you entry into heaven.


Cleanse your hands 1st before entering the temple!


Huge bell



Beautiful flowers in midst of snoww


Vicnity around the temple


writing my wishes for 2011



Everyone's wishes at Zenkoji Temple

After a visit to Zenkoji temple, we went off eating the goodies of Nagano city.


I totally loved the soba from Zenkoji! The taste was very different from what Ive tried in Tokyo or Singapore.


Soba so tasty and sweet~~


hot dumpling in winter is just simple bliss~


Famous spices powder when eating soba!

We walked back to Zenkoji station after 30mins. Temperature that day was -1C. Super cold..I was trembling/hopping away as I walked!


Along Zenkoji street


Nagano was where the winter olympics 1998 was held...


Shinshu Mascot at the station

En route to Nagano station for our Asama shinkansen back to Tokyo!

Link: Nagano Tourism Board Website

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