Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kushiro: 23rd Feb 2015

We woke up early this morning for breakfast and to visit other crane viewing spots, hopefully to catch more crane action! Weather was however not great, as it was raining heavily. Today is basically a Crane day! So pardon for many shots of the cranes from the various locations :)

Over here, I find the light is pretty harsh as it is nearing noon time. A good 2 hours spent here. Looking at different angles of the cranes. Trying to find new backdrop to fit the cranes into and form a picture.

Look at the crowd of photographers!

Me and my camera setup!

Our group photo before heading for lunch

I can hear my stomach growling after a whopping 2hours.. and am so glad we were heading for lunch next. Same place just like the previous day, we had lunch at this quaint restaurant. This time, I had some pork chop and it tasted really great!

Afternoon: Tancho Observation Center

Us on the road to the next destination!

We went back to this centre, which we had visited the previous day. To our surprise, today there were many more photographers as compared to yesterday. We had to thickskin a bit to squeeze in and get a good spot for photoshooting. We were glad the weather had brightened up despite still cold.. but sunny day was better than a wet and cold day!

Evening: Tsuruimidai

Before heading back to Dosanko Farm, we visited Tsuruimidai. I liked this place as there were some trees and "pond" to spot the cranes quenching their thirst. Weather was getting really cold and we were anticipating the flight of more cranes as sunset was nearing... however..we were disappointed haha.. the cranes didnt fly the direction we were expecting..instead they headed the opposite direction! That was a pity but still a spectacular sight for people like me who saw all these for the first time :)

Sunset arrived and there wasnt really much to do except to head back to Dosanko Farm for a well-deserved rest after a whole day out in the cold. Too bad Dosanko Farm does not have onsen facility, if not I would have jumped right into it after arriving haha..our dinner menu was different for today, but the standard remained excellent for us. I guessed I would stop eating Jap food in Singapore for the time being after being amazed by the high standards of culinary in Japan itself!

Today came back with better photos than the day before, although there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of composition. I have never had the opportunity to shoot in the wild so intensely for the whole day, whatsmore in the shivering cold! Learnt more about myself, shooting, and to inject some creativity in the shots I'm showing here.. hopefully some of these could catch your eyes ;) More to come the following day as we are setting off to Rausu, a place to catch the early morning boat to see Stellar eagles in action!

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