Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shizuoka: 6th Feb 2016

After breakfast this morning, we finally met up with Hiro! It's been about 7 months since I last saw her and I remembered her hospitality and guidance during my solo travel at Shizuoka. I was very happy to see her and she provided me with many suggestions to enjoy a road trip at Shizuoka.

So, we went to Toyota car rental office at the hotel lobby to get our car. This time, we drove a Toyota Ractis for three of us. The comfort was good and there we went off, hoping to capture nice pictures of Mount Fuji in winter.

We went to Nippondaira Hotel to take a look. Unfortunately, Fujisan was shy and shrouded by thick clouds. We felt a little disappointed but it was ok. So we left and decided to visit the strawberry farm! This was one of the adventures that I felt excited for this trip!

We reached the farm and paid tickets to enter the strawberry farm to pick strawberries of course!

Boy, they were huge and tasted really juicy! We had an hour there to eat all we can... we start stuffing ourselves silly with yummy strawberries. Both of us agreed that this is the best strawberry we have ever eaten so far haha

After this wonderful strawberry feast, we made our way to S-Pulse Dream plaza at Shimizu, which had several interesting museums like Chibimaruko Museum, Sushi Museum. We spent some time walking around and were very lucky to see Maruko-chan in the house! And she was happily waving to us haha

We moved off shortly to go Satta pass, where you get to see a different scenery with Mount Fuji inside. A really scenic area. The weather was good and Mount Fuji revealed its beauty! Very nice place out of nowhere.. even GPS has issues locating it but we were glad to have found it. There were many people that day.

We were really hungry after Satta-pass and drove to a restaurant which Hiro has kindly offered to bring us and have cherry shrimp meal. Cherry shrimp is a yummy delicacy found in Suruga Bay surrounding Shizuoka. Suruga Bay is the deepest bay in Japan. With great abundance of seafood from the sea, it is real blessing to taste the rich flavors of seafood in that area.We were too hungry so I ate it up without taking any pictures..here is one from Google Image to show you how it looks nice..goes really good when eaten with rice.


After a hearty lunch, we drove to Fujinomiya Sengen Shrine, hoping to catch view of Fujisan with the shrine. However, weather was cloudy. 

We did explore around the shrine and did some prayers for blessing before bading farewell. The original plan was to go to Shibakawa Onsen but I wasnt feeling well that day, so we made our way to a nearby animal farm called Makaino Farm, hoping to see some animals haha...
However, this farm I felt was not as fantastic as Mother Farm which we had visited in July 2015.

A very long trip indeed but a fulfilling one! I was very glad that Hiro could make time for us to bring us around Shizuoka. She also sang Mount Fuji song during the trip and I must say she sang very well!
Great thanks to her for creating beautiful memories for this trip.
Me with Hiro

 After we returned the car, we said farewell to Hiro and started to make our 1h journey to Nagoya via bullet train!

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